Rain Finally Comes!

The ground has been parched for many weeks.  And the pond has stilled with little fresh water coming from upriver.  Local farmers are getting nervous, saying they’re absolutely desperate for rain.  The Tecumseh Herald ran this article on July 23rd:  Drought worsens, Lenawee County at ‘severe drought’ level.

Well, this evening it rained steadily for over two hours.  Who would have thought you could get so excited to see it rain? But I ran outside and jumped up and down and danced around like a lunatic.  I am so happy!

Rain glorious rain - Red Mill Pond - July 30, 2016
Rain glorious rain – Red Mill Pond – July 30, 2016

I sprinted down to the pond to see what’s going on.  It’s amazing what a difference a little rain can make!  I see the river is flowing again.  There’s mist hanging in the air over the pond.  Rain drops explode like little meteors on its surface.  And, the water is clear again, well there’s some turbidity but, storms will do that.  The important thing is, the algae bloom has been washed away downstream (sorry Lake Erie) and the pond is alive.

And as if on command, I see a carp swimming cheerfully by, along the water’s edge.  He spots me and darts away with a flick of his tail, kicking up a cloud of sediment behind him.  Wonderful!

Hopefully, we can get some more of this lovely wet soggy rain over the next few days.

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