Sunset on a Snowy Winter Day

Well, I just arrived back at the house after a nice long run to be witness to the most beautiful sunset.  Thomas Kinkade eat your heart out.

Snowy Sunset on Red Mill Pond
Snowy Sunset on Red Mill Pond

I ran down to the waters edge, giddy with excitement, to snap this photo. You see the light changes extremely fast at sunset and you only have seconds to get your shot off. You can see the pond is half frozen – half liquid. There are Swans paddling around in the melted areas. They look so beautiful – so majestic – especially as twilight approaches. And I can hear them calling to each other – their voices echoing across the water. And then a massive flock of geese came in from the northwest – landing on the north end of the pond.

It’s a times like these I am so very happy that we were able to save the pond…

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4 thoughts on “Sunset on a Snowy Winter Day”

    1. Dan! They just arrived overnight or this morning. I have been watching them all morning. See if you can spot them when you get home. There are males and females. They are super hard to photograph.

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