A Front Comes Through

The evening before last, a large front came through.  It rained and stormed through the night – not violently but steadily and evenly with purpose.  And the next morning the rain stopped, and the wind blew.  A majestic grey sky dominated the heavens.  Massive clouds, these tall ships with all sail set, forced their way from the south, scraping far above them, threatening all below – but, for naught!  For all their bluster, by noon all was calm.

September 26, 2016 - A Front Comes Through
September 26, 2016 – A Front Comes Through

A neat line of puffy cumulus clouds rowed by as if nothing ever happened.  By mid-afternoon – nothing but clear blue sky.  And by evening, the purity of the lone setting sunset, with the tiniest spec of a cloud in the sky as a long distant reminder of things…

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