Pond Scum (Algae Bloom) Still in Effect

Sadly, I have been watching this all summer long.  There has been no respite from algae bloom after algae bloom after algae bloom.  The pond is just choking in the stuff!  I haven’t posted any pictures in awhile because it’s so bad.  Take a look at this one:


It is absolutely disgusting.  It sticks to your canoe or kayak.  It smells horrible.  It covers everything and it’s everywhere except for the very center of the pond where the river runs its fastest.

The other day, I observed some of this goop being formed.  I always assumed that algae starts its life on top of the water.  So it came as a complete surprise when I saw a large dollop of the stuff suddenly “bloop” up to the surface.  I saw the whole thing happen.  I could see a heavy dark mossy clump adhering to some pebbles on the bottom of the pond.  Apparently buoyancy must have taken over because it suddenly detached itself and bobbed up to the surface.  Once on top of the water, its sides drooped down and I could see long tendrils or roots extending from its underbelly.  It reminded me of a jellyfish!  I witnessed this process repeat itself several times.

I am now of the opinion that most of this stuff grows on the bottom of the pond in the shallow areas where excess nutrients from runoff and fertilizer coalesce.  Once these clumps start floating, more algae grows on top of them.  They can even join together to make a large “skin.”  Furthermore, these rafts can get so big and thick that they support leaves, twigs, feathers and all kinds of debris – truly disturbing.

I just wish there was something we could do about it.

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